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Styling Hair With Texturized Bangs


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Texturized bangs are the best way to make your hairstyle look unique and beautiful along with bangs. It is very easy to learn the technique of creating the texturized bangs without going to a saloon. You can also make the bangs looks a little wispy by adding texture in them. It is important to have lot of patience to achieve this look and do the haircutting very gently as well as slowly. Once you cut the hair it is not possible to get them back for some time, so do it with additional care.
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Wash the hair to start the styling and then dry it as usual. Brush the bangs straight down on the forehead and keep rest of your hair away from the styling process. Take a triangular part of hair while cutting the bangs for the first time to make it extend beyond each eyebrow. Keep the bangs in your hair in between pointer as well as middle fingers and pull the fingers down about one and half inch longer than the bangs that you are planning to achieve to cut it across using sharp scissors. Comb the bangs forward to keep it in between the fingers once again and this time one and quarter inch longer than the bangs you want to cut. Try to make vertical haircuts just across your bangs using the same sharp scissors. This step of haircutting it called as pointing as the end will result in texturized bangs.

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