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Changing Straight Hair As Afro


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Most of the people want to keep their hair as straight as possible because they can style it in different ways with it. In case you have the same with an afro hair it is easy to change it back to normal with few simple styling steps. Don’t wash the hair for a long time and you can easily get back your afro hair after following this method and repeat the same steps once again.
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Make sure that the length of your hair is more than four inches and make it slightly damp. Then brush the hair upwards by adding a little amount of jojoba oil. Start braiding your hair as dreads in half inch thickness and keep it tight as possible. Leave the braid in your hair overnight and leave it on for more two nights for better results. Next remove your braids and try to tousle it upwards before applying the jojoba oil once again. Now use a curling iron to create the curls all over the hair and it can also help to make the hair a little kinky. Use afro pick for teasing the hair which can make it fluffy. You can make the hair extra fluffy by drying it with the help of a blow dryer which can also add more volume in your hair. Keep your afro pick along with you and try to fluff the afro whenever possible to keep the look as it is.

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