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Coconut Oil For Conditioning Hair


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Coconut oil is used for various purposes, but it can be used as a conditioner for treating the hair. It is known to be one of the most effective as well as inexpensive way of conditioning the hair. You can use coconut oil on the hair for preventing damage and take out the brittle look. Try to leave the oil on the hair overnight and cover the head with the plastic cap while going to bed.
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First shampoo wash the hair and blot dry it using a towel. Apply 1 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil in your hair ends. Try to comb the hair to spread the coconut oil throughout your hair with the help of wide-tooth hair brush. Make sure that your hair gets enough coconut oil all over the strands. You must also apply the same oil on the scalp using the fingertips and put a plastic cap over the head. Leave the oil for about 2 hours or more for better results. Then rinse the hair completely and there should not be any oil in the hair. You can use leave-in conditioner on the hair after washing it using a normal shampoo and style it as per your desire. Try to do this treatment at least once in a week to keep the hair healthy and don’t do it more than that. Also avoid using too much of oil over the hair as it can give a greasy look.

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