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Steps To Make Thick Bangs Look Thin


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Having thick bangs can make your styling difficult, but you can make it thin by using few simple tools. One of the best ways to make the thick bangs thin it by cutting it out. You can also make the bangs to become thin by layering it out from excess hair. Be careful while cutting the bangs as they may spoil your entire hairstyle if no cut in a proper way.
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First mist the bangs with water and start cutting the bangs around 1/4 inch longer in length. Take the entire section of hair to keep it at the back of the head and secure some of the bangs along with this section to get a thin look. Brush the remaining bangs just across the eyebrow and start trimming the bangs using the scissors by pointing it vertically inside your hair. Avoid cutting the hair straight across horizontally as it can change the way it looks. Take out the small hair pieces vertically and keep it short over the center and taper towards the ears. Now you can layer the bangs that are thick by taking a part of the bangs in between the middle as well as the index finger by pulling it straight up. Leave few hairs fall on their own trim this part of the bangs using the pointed end of your scissors. Continue to take out small parts of hair to cut it shorter and making the bangs look thin.

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