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Ways To Retwist Your Dreads


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Dreads can become completely different once you wear them for a very long time. So retwisting them can be the best choice to make it look good once again. Some of the people will feel easy to retwist the dreads and most of them feel it very difficult to do this process. Make sure to give extra attention to your dreads while retwisting them as they can get tangled very easily.
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Wash the hair normally using a shampoo and apply a regular conditioner. Make sure that the hair is free from hair products and other build before starting the styling process. Secure your dreads in the front as well as top on the head because you must retwist the dreads only over the back of your head. Take the first dread to dip to apply a small amount of locking grease on top of your dread and in the space which is left in between the scalp and your lock. Move the rattail comb from your scalp through grown hair and move it down to your dreads. Keep a hair clip on top of your dread to keep it in place and move to other part of the dread. After retwisting the dreads in the entire head dry it using a dryer and give attention to your hair toots. Leave bobby pins over the dreads for about a day and wrap the head with silk scarf before going to bed every day.

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