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Maintaining Your Hair Straight In the Beach


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Keeping the hair straighten when going out of the home can be frustrating for most of the women and especially when they are going to a beach. You must be spending too much time to keep the hair as straight as possible spend time, but you can use silicone-based hair product on daily basis to make the hair more controllable.
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Use a silicone based shampoo to wash the hair and apply silicone based conditioner. Leave the hair for around 5 minutes and rinse it thoroughly. Towel dry the hair and blot it gently. Brush the hair using a wide-tooth brush to make it tangle free. Spread silicone serum in your hands to work it through the hair. Use it just on the hair and avoid your scalp. Divide the hair horizontally and take one of the parts for styling it further. Mist the hair with heat-protectant hairspray which will help in fighting the ultraviolet rays or other heating styling tools. Use a paddle brush to comb the hair and use the same technique on the other parts of your hair. Now divide the hair horizontally again and keep on the section in place using clips. Try to flatten the hair using a flat iron and use it on the other section as well. At last comb the hair again and use silicone serum all over, especially over the ends of your hair. This will help to keep your hair free from frizz.

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