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Ways To Get Shiny Gray Hair


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A shiny hair can look beautiful as well as healthy which is liked by most of the people. If you have a gray hair it can be changed into a shiny looking hair by following few simple and easy steps. Gray hair is very normal as you start to age and some of them also color their hair to make it look unique.
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First take one-quarter cup unflavored vodka and mix it along with one-quarter cup normal shampoo. Start applying it over the hair as usual and rinse it with warm water. Get a deep conditioner treatment to your hair at least once in a week and make sure to use commercial conditioner during this process. Use the conditioner immediately after washing it with a normal shampoo and leave it on for around 10-15 minutes before rinsing it using warm water. Try to consume at least 64 ounces water every day which will help to keep the hair healthy and maintain its luster. You can also drink lemon juice instead of taking water which can also provide the same result. One your style the hair apply a gloss serum and make sure to follow the instructions carefully whole using the serum. Add a little amount of the serum in your hair and keep it away from the roots as it can give a greasy look. Use the serum with the help of you fingers and avoid using any type of styling tools.

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