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Hairstyle With Cowlick Bangs


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Cowlick bangs can give a completely new look of you are wearing it along with a proper hairstyle. Normally cowlicks are considered to give a hard time for most of them as it is very difficult to keep it in place. Wearing bangs along with cowlicks can make them look attractive and there is no need to worry about them either.
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First wash the hair and part it along with your cowlick on the forehead. Keep the fingers on the edge of the eyebrows to collect some hair in between the index fingers as well as middle finger. Create a sharp division with your finger part line and secure rest of your hair at the back of head using hair clips. Then brush your hair that will be used for creating bangs just over your eyes. Mist the hair with water and take it over the middle on your forehead to cut straight bangs. Try to angle side edges in your bangs toward bridge of your nose and cut it past your eyebrows. Make your bangs to fall over the forehead and then cut any excess hairs. Now take the bangs to a side of your forehead for creating side-swept bangs. To do this keep your hair straight over side of your head and cut bangs on the cheekbone. Trim along with the eyebrow to make the bangs short and keep the side bangs longer as well as no shorter than your cheekbone length.

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