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Hairstyle With Hair Waver


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Hair waver can be a perfect choice for those want to make the hair look bouncy with waves. The waver will be able to create round waves than the usual zigzag waves that are achieved with hair crimper. The hair wavers can be designed using three barrels such as 2 round prongs as well as 1 large barrel that clamps your hair. Before starting the styling process make sure that your hair has been cleanly washed with volumizing shampoo.
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First apply a little amount of hairstyling gel over the clean hair and runs the fingers through the hair which will help to spread the gel completely over the hair. Use hairdryer to dry your hair and try to twist top half to create a bun. Take strip of your hair with enough width and make sure it matches size of the waver barrels. Now you can keep the strip of your hair near the root in between two round prongs and larger clamp barrel. Leave your waver to clamp in its place for about five seconds. Continue this technique till bottom half of the hair has been waved and take out the hair clip to repeat waving process till top half of the hair gets waved. Now separate the wavy hair with the help of your fingers and avoid using a hair brush to do this. At last end the styling by misting the entire hair with a spray to keep the waves in its place.

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