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Steps To Curl Synthetic Hair Ends


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A synthetic hair weave has lot of advantages that can be styled as per your desire without causing any damage to your natural hair. It is also very less expensive when compared to other hairstyling products such as a wig and hairpiece. In most cases people wear this synthetic weave as it is available in the store, but you can make it unique by curling the ends.
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First part the synthetic hair as different parts and use sponge rollers for rolling the ends of it. Then take three-quarters of water in a plastic bowl and keep it in the microwave to make it boil. Take the water from the microwave and keep aside for about 2 minutes. Place a towel on your shoulders to cover the neck and save the water from falling on your skin. Now take the end of your rolled hair section in the water and keep it over a spare towel. After your synthetic hair becomes fully dry naturally without using any heating tools take the rollers from end of the hair. Make sure that water doesn’t dip from your roller before proceeding further. You can use fingers to separate the curled ends and avoid using a hair brush to do this as it can make them tangled. Try to spread oil sheen on the curls at the end of the synthetic hair weave gently and don’t mist it over the hair as it can spoil the look.

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