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Create Scrunchy Look With Straight Hair


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Getting a scrunchy look in your hair can give a very simple look. This hairstyle can be worn for different occasions and especially during a casual event. You can create a scrunchy look with any type of hair, but achieving it with a straight is the simplest when compared to other hair types. There are two methods that be followed to make the straight hair scrunchy such as using your hands and another option is the braiding technique. This hairstyle will also help to add more volume in your hair.
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First wash the hair and take the moisture from it using a normal towel. Then add a small amount of gel in your hands before spreading it over the hair. Bend your head down and make the hair to hang down. Take the small hair sections and try to crumple it similar to a paper. Make sure that the hair gel used in the hair is able to spread throughout the hair. Mist the hair with super-hold spray to get into the look. To use the braiding technique first you must wash the hair as usual. Then create at least 3-4 big braids all over the head and leave it overnight. Then take out the braids in the morning and brush it using your fingers. You must first tousle the hair first and then scrunch it with the help of your fingers. Use the super-hold spray over the hair to keep it in place.

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