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Create Volume By Cutting Your Hair


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Adding volume in the hair is not such a easy process but there are different ways you can do this. Most of the people would to like to add more volume and texture in their hair as it can give it a healthy look. Here are few steps that can be used for cutting the hair for adding the volume as well as texture in your hair.
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Begin the cutting process after cleaning your hair completely and blow dry the hair normally. Make sure that the hair has been washed fully and it becomes fully dry before using the scissors for cutting it. Then take a strand of hair in between the fingers to cut the ends using the pointed end of the scissors. Use the same method throughout the hair to add both texture and volume in the hair. You can also take out more hair from the back of your head and trim it using the same scissors to create the shape. Make sure to use the scissors gently and add little pressure while sending the scissors through your hair. Use the same technique at the side of your hair and this time try to angle the scissors towards at the back to make it look fluffy. At last cut bottom half of your hair very lightly to give room for the hair grow at the back. Cut the dead hair ends about half an inch off to end the styling process.

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