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Hairstyle With Quick Micro Braids


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Quick micro braid is the best way to style the hair faster when compared to a normal braid. In this hairstyle you will have 3-strand braids over your head. This style is very much popular among those who have a curly hair as it very easy to achieve this hair type. You must get a proper haircut before starting the styling process to remove the split ends. It is very important to understand 3-strand braid method before starting this styling process to make the braid faster.
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First condition the hair with a hot-oil treatment and separate the hair as subsections. Take a thin part of hair to divide as three strands. Keep the left strand in your left finger, the right strand in your right finger, and the middle strand must be kept the right fist. Start crossing left strand just below the middle strand making it the new middle strand and take right strand just under your middle strand. Continue to cross the left strand below the middle as well as right under middle strand. Use the left middle finger for holding middle strand while crossing left strand below the middle strand to take it into the left side. In the same way use right middle finger while styling right strand. At last make a slip knot to secure he braid at the end and use the same technique with the other section of your hair to create the micro braids.

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