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Natural Ways To Enhance Hair Color


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A red hair can give a very beautiful and unique look if you style it in a proper way. You can easily enhance the red color in your hair without using any hair products to make it look good. Here are few steps that can be used for enhancing the red color in your hair naturally without going to a saloon which can save time as well as money. Avoid using plastic cups for mixing the hair color before applying it on the hair.
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Before starting this process make sure you are comfortable in using the natural products over the hair. Take half cup beet juice in a small bowl and mix it with half cup carrot juice. Make sure that both the ingredients mix together perfectly. Leave the mixture and wash the your before using it. Apply the mixture over your hair when you are still in the bathroom. You can put a towel around the shoulders to prevent the mixture from falling on the ground if you are using this process after rinsing the hair. Leave the mixture on the hair 1 hour and sit in the sun during this period to make it soak into your hair. Wash the hair again to take the mixture from it and repeat the treatment every day till you are able to get the result you are looking for. There are also other options that can be followed to enhance the red hair color in your hair.

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