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Treating Hair With Garlic


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There are lots of hair products that can be used as treatments on your hair. One of the option is using a garlic for treating the hair which can help to remove dandruff as well as hair loss. It can also be used for treating other scalp related problems. Garlic treatments can be a perfect choice for treating the ever day and it is also very gentle. You can also use a raw onion than using the normal garlic.
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First take the skin out of two garlic’s as you must use only the garlic bulb. Keep the garlic in food processor till it gets finely chopped. You can also use a knife to chop the garlic instead of using the food processor. Now take the garlic juice in a bowl and scoop it up using your fingers. Try to massage the juice into your scalp in circular motions which can help to stimulate the hair growth. Leave garlic juice on the scalp for around 1 hour and apply a 2 tbsp olive oil into your scalp. Leave the hair in the same way by wearing a shower cap for another 6 hours. Next wash the hair using a normal shampoo and condition it as usual. Try to keep more garlic where you find thin areas on your scalp. Make sure to prevent the garlic from entering into your eyes during this treatment and don’t use garlic if you are allergic to it.

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