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Hairstyle With Hemp Braids


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Hemp can be to braid it along with the natural hair to create a new look. Most of the women like to braid single hemp strand into their hair with 3-strand braiding method. The braid size can be adjusted as per your wish to make it look unique with the hemp. You can create different designs with the hemps without using any special techniques. Hemp braids are also use to style the hair in different ways and apart from using it on the hair most of them create necklaces or even bracelets with this. You can also ty to thread the bead in the hemp strand during the braiding process.
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First take three hemp strands longer than the braid that you want to create and secure all of these strands together on top of it with simple knot. You must create all the hemp strands in same length. Try to secure the hemp over the knot with a tape and make sure it doesn’t come out. Now pull your left strand from the left hand to cross it on your middle strand and use the right hand for crossing right strand on your new middle strand. Use this method till the strand comes to an end and make sure that the middle strand must change during each crossing. Now you must pull your hemp as tight as possible so it doesn’t come apart and knot it once again after reaching the end.

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