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Maintaining Hair Straight After A Shower


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Keeping the hair straight is not such a difficult process as it can be done at home with few simple styling techniques. Most of the people will fail to keep their hair straight once get out of the shower as the hair will start to lose its structure after washing it. To maintain the straightness in your hair even after washing it you must follow this simple process. You can do this without using any type of heating tools as they can be stressful to your hair.
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To keep hair straight after washing, first get a moisturizing conditioner that has protein to apply it over the hair after washing it. You can brush the hair to take out the tangles after applying the conditioner. Use a towel to dry the hair and add a setting lotion all over the hair. Separate your hair as three different parts and keep them in place using a clip. Now separate each of these parts into small sections and wrap it around 3-4 inch roller. Use the same technique for wrapping your hair in the rollers and make sure that it has been rolled backward on each roller. Leave your hair in the roller for about half an hour to make the hair dry and if your hair too long leave it in the roller for around one hour. Take the hair from the roller gently and add a small amount of serum all over the strands of your hair.

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