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Round Face Haircut


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Those who have a round face must cut their hair in a different way to make it look good for the face shape. There are different types of haircut that can suitable for a round face which will help to make their face look longer as well as thinner. Never keep your straight if you have a round face as it and getting a shag haircut can be a perfect choice. Get help from a hair specialist while cutting the hair if you have a round shape.
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Before going for the saloon to get a haircut, look at your face shape. Select a short or long haircut as per your desire and. Try to cut the hair longer but below the chin which can make the round shape look good. Create more height in the haircut by adding layers and you can also backcomb the hair to add some lift in your hair. If you are keeping the hair long leave few tendrils to fall in from of the face. You can also create high ponytail along with softly flowing ringlets to match the round face. Try to make curls in your hair or create a spiky look which can reduce the round face making it look longer. You can also create bangs in your hairstyle, but try to keep them thin and wispy. Always mist the hair with a generous amount of hairspray or apply a hair mousse to add more volume in the hair.

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