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Steps To Highlight Shorter Hair


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It is not easy to highlight the hair that is too short about three inches long with the help of a foil. There are few steps that can be used especially to highlight the short hair. It can be next to impossible to get foil highlights. One option of highlighting short hair is with the help of a cap.
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To highlight the short hair, first keep the cap close to the scalp and add baby powder around it. Brush the hair as usual and use the highlighting needle for taking out the hair from the hole in your cap. Just put needle inside the hole about parallel to the head to pull it towards the direction of your hair’s growth. To highlight the hair thick, take the hair out in every other holes. For a very less highlights, take out the hair about every fourth hole. Next mix the hair lightener till it becomes thick and spread it on the hair using the color-applicator hair brush. Make sure to saturate each hair strand and cover the hair with plastic cap. Look at your hair every 5 minutes till you get desired color in your hair. Leave your cap on the head and wash it as usual. Next wash the hair once again after taking out the cap and style the hair as per your wish. The hair color may look much thicker when it is wet, so leave the hair to dry after washing.

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