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Styling Hair With Half Drawstring Wig


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A half drawstring wig is available in different colors and textures. This wig can be used to cover half of the head instead of covering entire head like a normal full wig. The drawstring can be adjusted according to your desire as you can easily use it or remove it from the head. The half drawstring wig helps you to style it along with your natural hair as it can easily blend with it. Here are few steps that can be used to style the hair along with half drawstring wig.
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First take one inch strip from your hair in the front over the head which will blend wig hair along with the natural hair. Next brush the hair to create a low ponytail and twist the ponytail around itself to form a simple bun. Use an elastic to keep the bun in place and use the stocking cap on the hair by leaving just the front part out. Make the wig loose by simply pressing it over the drawstring button and stretch its opening. Keep the wig in your hand with the front clip and comb the clip from inside the cap to secure it in place on top of the head. Try to pull your drawstring tight for securing the wig and style the bangs as per your desire. You can use a flat iron over the bangs to make them smooth or you can try to curl it inside the wig.

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