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Wrapping Hair Using A Wrap Lotion


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Hair wrap lotion can be used to make the hair look smooth and shiny. It is normally used to create the wrap hairstyle which is very much popular among those who have thick hair. Even though the wrap hairstyle is created by a hair specialist, the wrapping process can be done at home. It is important to known that the hair wrap lotion has been spread completely on your hair before proceeding with the wrapping process. You can get support from a friend while wrapping the hair with a scarf to do it in a perfect way.
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First condition the hair after shampoo washing it and pat it dry with the help of a normal towel. Then brush the hair to make it fully smooth in the same pattern hoe you want to wrap the hair. Now you can use the wrapping lotion through the strands of your hair and brush it again in the same pattern. Next cover the head with a scarf in clockwise pattern from nape of the neck to front of the head about one inch down your forehead. Continue the wrapping process with scarf from front to back of the head till you cover the entire hair. Wrap the scarf till you reach last six inches of hair and tuck its end under the scarf to keep it in place. Leave the lotion for setting overnight and remove the scarf in the morning before styling the hair as usual.

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