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Adding Body To Straight Hair


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A straight hair can look thin without any volume in it. But you can make a straight look thicker by adding body into it. There are many people who have thin hair that can be very difficult to style because it may look lifeless. You can use few styling techniques to add more body to the straight hair.
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Begin your styling technique with a clean hair that must be washed using volume boosting shampoo as well as conditioner. Then use wide toothed comb to brush the hair to remove tangles and use root lifting hairspray to mist all over the hair. Brush the hair completely with your fingers to make the mist to spread throughout the hair. Next blow dry the hair and flip the head upside down for teasing it using your hands. Make sure to keep the nozzle of the blow dryer over the scalp and lift your hair in an angle. Take top layer of the hair from bottom and divide it into different sections. Try to take each section to wind it around the hair roller to create simple curls. Mist the roller with the holding spray and leave them for about ten minutes. The hair will start to get more body when you finish this step and brush it using your fingers. Now you must back comb the hair after taking it out of the rollers and brush the hair that is close to your scalp with fine-toothed comb.

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