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Styling Hair With Single-Point Veil


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A wedding veil can be worn anyone to get the beautiful look that is mostly achieved by a bride. There are various types of wedding veil that can be worn on the head and one of them is called as a single-point veil. Here are few simple techniques that must be followed before using the single-point veil on your head. In case you are planning to use any type of embellishments along with the veil try to add it before starting the sewing process.
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First sew top three sides of your veil in the trapezoid for creating a birdcage veil and you can use widest stitch in the sewing machine to make the stitching easy. Try to pull top thread in the tail taut for drawing your veil’s fabric into the even gathers and try to adjust it till width of your fabric is almost same as width of the plastic comb. Now keep your veils gathered edge on the underside of your combs bridge and you must make sure that combs teeth is pointing up as well as away from your veil. Try to sew your veil along with the comb using your hand with a nylon thread and weave the needle inside the comb’s teeth and just over bridge. Try to create knot over the underside of your thread and cut the excess thread. Now you can add the veil in your hair by simply pushing comb into the hair.

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