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Taking Care Of Hair Cuticles


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Hair cuticles must be kept healthy to protect the locks in your hair. Having damaged cuticles can create a dull looking hair which can be lifeless or even stringy. There are different products that can be used to treat this problem and make the hair look healthy, but the safest one will be taking care of the hair cuticle naturally.

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The first thing to do it is following a healthy diet which must contain more vegetables, fruits, carbohydrates and lean protein. There are few vitamins that can help to enhance your hair growth making the hair look thicker. Use a brush that is gentle on your hair and avoid using hair accessories which are too tight. Avoid going for a swim in a sea water and swimming pool as they contain chlorine which can damage the hair. Most of the people get their hair damaged due to chlorine found in the swimming pool. It can also cause discolor in your hair very easily. Stay away from styling tools such as curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers as they can cause damage to the hair with excessive heat. Always use a gentle shampoo as well as deep conditioner on the hair and if you are coloring or straightening the hair make sure to condition them regularly. Don’t wash the hair with the shampoo daily as they can take out the natural oil from the hair. Use hair conditioner regularly to keep the moisture in your hair.

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