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Braiding A Layered Hair


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A layered hair can be styled in different ways and one of the best way to style it is with braids that can be perfect choice for special events. This hairstyle can give a stylish look and it will suit all type of face shapes. You can create any type of braid with a layered hair without going to a hairstylist.
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First wash the hair and keep it slightly damp before dividing it into different sections. Try to create three sections in your hair and take small part of hair in each section. Start braiding the hair as usual in the beginning to set the pattern and collect more hair with each twining. While twisting the hair use the middle finger and ring fingers to collect more layer of hair before twisting it again. Use this technique on the entire head and it is important to add more hair with every strand during the braiding process which will create a base for short layer in the hair. Keep the braid secured in place at the nape using a simple elastic band after twining it one over the other till you get to the end of your hair. There will be lot of hairs coming out near the ear and at the back of the head, so mist it with a hairspray to keep it in place. You can also control the flyaways by using bobby pins to secure them in place better than hairspray.

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