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Straightening Hair Using Natural Oils


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There are natural oils found in your scalp that helps to keep the hair healthy as well as shiny. But all the natural oil may weigh down your hair making them look curly. There are lots of hair products that can be applied to make the hair straight, but they are not as safe as natural oils. Here are few natural oils that can be used for making your hair straight without using styling tools.
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The first option is olive oil that has been made from the olives and it is available in all the grocery store. Even though it is use an ingredient in the food it is also perfect item to make the hair straight. This oil can help to control the frizz in your hair and it can be used as hair conditioner by just heating it. You can apply the oil after it becomes cool and cover it with a cap before rinsing it out. Olive oil contains lot of vitamins as well as minerals which can make the hair to absorb it easily. Another option is using a mineral oil on the hair that can be applied over the hair and brushed to take the tangles making your hair frizz free. This oil also has lot of properties that can help to prevent hair breakage. The mineral can easily repel the water molecules in to your hair and it is important that you wash it after applying it on the hair.

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