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Strawberry Blonde Hair Color


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A strawberry blonde hair can easily help to get a unique look for those who have a blonde hair. It is a hair color that can produce light tones along with intense red shades. This hair color is also very much popular among most of the women.
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First brush the hair to make it straight and purchase the hair coloring package. Mix the hair color along with the activator as per package directions and make sure to mix them perfectly before using it on the hair. Place a cloth on the shoulder and divide your hair as two individual parts. Start using the hair color over the bottom half of your hair by gently rubbing it on the strands. Then apply the color over the top part of your hair in the same way. Try to check the hair at least once in ten minutes to see whether you have achieved that color you are looking for.  You can leave the color on your hair as long the color you are looking appears over the hair. Leave the hair on for around half an hour before rinsing it gently.  Try to scrub the scalp while rinsing the hair to get the color out of your hair. At last use a conditioner on the hair which was provided along with the coloring package. Leave the hair with the conditioner for about five minutes and rinse it normally without scrubbing the scalp too much.

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