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Styling Your Super Short Hair


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Having a super short hair can be very difficult to style as per your desire. But there are few ways that can be followed to style this type of hair perfectly to match your face without using any hair extensions. You can also add texture to your super short hair during the styling process. You must be ready to use various styling tools to style the short hair perfectly without damaging it.
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First use hair texturizer over the natural hair which will help to loosen the curl pattern. Then wash the hair and dry it as usual without using a hair dryer and make several parts in the hair. Use a setting lotion over the different parts of your hair and roll it into half inch rollers. Make sure that your hair grows at least one inch longer so you can use the roller for wrapping it around twice. Use the same technique over the entire head till of the hair gets rolled. Use a hooded dryer with high heat for around 30 minutes to make the hair dry fully. Now you can remove the rollers from your hair to see head full of curls. You can use the hair texturizer on the natural hair or use a hair clips to make the hair look unique. You can also make the short hair straight by using a relaxer on the natural hair and this will make the hair to become straight permanently.

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