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Coloring Hair Without Bleaching


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Coloring the hair dark can give a hard time if you are doing this at home and most of the people will bleach their hair before using a color. A bleaching can be can a dangerous process. In most cases coloring the hair needs prior lightening, but here are few steps that can be helpful in coloring the hair dark without using the bleach. Make sure to purchase the right hair coloring products before starting the styling process.

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First get a hair color that has been specially made for the dark hair from a supply store. Then use natural hair lightener such as citrus from the lemons by mixing it along with water. Mist the mixture all over the hair and leave it for around 10 minutes and rinse it as usual. Now you can see the hair after rinsing and it will be in light color compared to earlier. Another option to lighten the hair is using honey that can be applied on your hair and left for few hours before rinsing the hair normally. Now you can apply the dark hair color all over the hair strands and leave it to dry as per the direction mentioned on the package. Rinse your hair once again with lukewarm water till the water runs clean from the hair. Finally try to condition the hair immediately after rinsing it and if you find any split ends in the hair try to cut it.

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