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Creating Spiral Curls With Short Hair


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Styling a short hair can be difficult as the hair will not be able to stretch the way you want them to. In case you are planning to create spiral curls with short try to use the following technique without going to a hair specialist. It is not possible to create spiral curls using curling irons and rollers when you have short hair.
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Begin the curling process with a cleanly washed hair and dry it using a normal towel. Then comb the hair and take a section of hair to spread a mousse from root to end of the hair strand. Keep the hair strand in a straw and try to wind it around. Hold the end of your straw with the hair strand on your scalp and slide it down toward the scalp. Now remove the straw from center of your wound strand by securing it against your scalp with the help of two bobby pins. Use the same technique on the rest of your hair strands from top to bottom of the head and secure all of them in the same way using bobby pins. Leave the hair to dry on its own without using a blow dryer. Then mist the hair with a spray to keep the curls in its place and take out the bobby pins. Leave the curls to flow on their own naturally and spritz it again with the hairspray to hold the curls in place.

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