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Straightening A Stubborn Hair


straighten stubborn hair straighten stubborn hair2
Having a stubborn can give a difficult time as it is not so easy to style or maintain. In case you are planning to make the stubborn hair straight it is important to follow a proper technique to do this perfectly. You may have problems while straightening the stubborn hair, but with some extra effort it can be easily done. Use a shampoo which has silicones to wash the hair as they can make them smooth.
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First spread a moisturizing hair product all over the head after washing it normally. Try to moisture within your hair shaft to create the shape in your hair without using any heating tool. Then use straightening serum to make the straightening process easy and separate the hair to use a blow dryer. Use a paddle brush while drying the hair with a blow dryer which can make the drying process much easier. Try to section your hair to dry the hair one by one. Next separate the hair as one inch thick part and use a flat iron to pass through your hair. Keep your flat iron close to your roots, but never touch the scalp. Keep the hair ends in your one hand and pull your hair downward slowly. You can run your flat iron gently down towards the length of your hair. Use the flat iron on the other parts of your hair in the same way and make sure to stay away from the scalp.

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