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Dealing With Orange Tones


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Orange tones in the hair can make them look dull and uneven. You must use a toner to neutralize orange tones on the hair that is mostly done with semi-permanent color. Most of the women go to a hair professional to get this problem corrected which can be done at home by following these simple steps. The semi-permanent hair color usually has about 5 to 8 percent peroxide that can cause minimal damage to your hair, get suggestions from a hairstylist before using it over your hair. Never use too much of semi-permanent color on the hair to stay on the safer side.
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First get ash color slightly lighter to the natural hair color and wear plastic hand gloves. Then mix your color cream along with developer with the help of tint brush by following the directions on the packet. Use your tint brush for applying the color on the tresses and try to coat each strands from root to end without touching your skin. Leave the color to stay on your hair for around 10-20 minutes depending upon the manufacturer’s direction. Then rinse out the color from the hair using cool water till it comes out clean from your hair. Use a normal towel from drying the hair as usual and never use heating styling tools. Some of them keep the orange tones as it is without treating them, but it may spoil the look of their hairstyle as the day goes on.

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