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French Braid Headband


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A French braid headband can be a great hairstyle to wear at places such as a prom and wedding. In this hairstyle, the hair will be braided in the front line than vertically at the back over your head. It can give a beautiful look that can be created with a short or long hair along with additional accessories.
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Begin by misting the hair with a styling spray and make a simple side part with a normal comb before taking front panel hair about two inches wide from the side part across front hairline till the opposite ear. Brush the rectangular front hair across the forehead and keep it away from your side part. Secure rest of the hair in place to keep it away from the styling process. Now pull out a small part of hair over the front panel and separate it as three strands. Start braiding the hair by taking alternating outer strands on the middle just like creating a normal traditional braid. Each time when you try to take your strand at the back of the head and over middle strand, try to collect loose hair from front panel to add it along with this strand. Continue your braiding process across your front hairline and keep it away from your part till you add the front panel in your braid. Keep your braid end over the ear using hair grips and then style the remaining hair as per your wish.

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