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Methods To Prevent Puffy Dreads


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Puffy dreads can spoil the entire look that you have created with the dreadlocks. The dreads are considered to be a low maintenance style that can cause hard time some time as they tend to develop frizz over time in case you don’t maintain them in a proper way. Getting a deep conditioning process done on the dreads is very important which must be done at least once in a week to retain the moisture. The puffy dreads usually occur due to dryness and hydrating them can prevent it very easily without using any type of styling products.
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As usual wash the hair normally using deep moisturizing shampoo and then add a conditioner in your dreads. The hair conditioner can add moisture as well as nutrients into the dreads. You must rinse the conditioner from the dreads after leaving it for around five minutes. Try to blot the dreads using microfiber towel and don’t rub them hard during the drying process. Apply dread wax in your hand and roll the dreads in between the waxed palms. If you have a puffy hair it will get incorporated with your dreads. Wear a durag to cover the dreads while going to bed in the night and it can also help to compress the dreads giving a frizz-free look. You can also lie down on a silk pillowcase that can reduce friction in the hair keeping the dreads as they were before going to sleep.

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