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Steps For Maintaining Straight Dreads


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Dreads can be worn in various styles and some of them keep the dreads straight when compared to others who have curly dreads. The dreads can be kept straight by following few simple styling techniques. It is also important to maintaining the straight dreads in a proper way to keep them healthy and in shape. Straight dreads are also very easy to maintain when compared to other types.
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You must wash the hair once in 2-3 days if you have kept the dreads for a long time such as one month. The hair must be washed at least once in a month to prevent dirt on the dreads that can make them look weak. Make the hair to dry without pulling the hair out and use cotton towel. Spread a dead wax over the loose hairs before twisting your dreads. There is no need to use the dead wax on your hair daily because they are a perfect choice when your hair becomes dry or after washing the hair. Keep your dread in between the palms for rolling it in clockwise direction which can help to prevent hair from getting fuzzy. The rolling method can be a perfect choice for keeping the dreads in their original shape permanently. You must also roll the newly grown hair clockwise to make it grow straight from the root. Try to move your dreads aside to access root area for getting consistent look or you can also scratch it using the fingers.

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