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Taking Care Of Damaged Short Hair


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A short hair can be difficult to style as per your desire and if it gets damaged you may face lot of problem. Damage to hair can occur due to various reasons which include over-washing, hair coloring, heat styling and more. Here are few things that can be helpful for treating the short damaged hair.
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Try to wash the short hair one day after other using a shampoo with Vitamin E and never wash the hair daily in case you think they are damaged. Use a deep conditioner after washing the hair and leave it for around ten minutes before rinsing. Add olive oil on the hair after warming it in a microwave. Apply the olive oil on the hair when it is still damp and leave it to set for about five minutes before washing it as usual. After taking out the water from your hair using a towel brush it using a simple wide-toothed comb. Next add aloe vera gel over the hair which is helpful in repairing the damaged hair. Make the hair to dry on its own and avoid using hairdryers or any other heating tools for drying your hair. Get a haircut on regular basis to prevent the split ends. You can also consume B-vitamin complex as they feature biotin and it can strengthen the hair very easily. Natural products such as bananas, eggs, beans and nuts also contain biotins that are better than going for medication.

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