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Glossing Treatments For Tinted Hair


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Tinted gloss treatment can make the hair look shiny and beautiful as it helps to increase the hair color. It is mainly used to by those who have highlights to reduce the brassiness. There are few methods that can b helpful in adding the glossy look to your hair to make it last on the hair for around 4 weeks.
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To start gloss treatment, first get a gloss treatment kit suitable for your hair color from a beauty supply store. Start mixing the ingredient by adding the color and conditioner by following the directions on the package. Then wash the hair using a moisturizing shampoo as it can be helpful in reducing the dryness in your hair. Brush your hair using a wide-toothed hair brush after drying it with the help of a normal towel. Now you must wear hand gloves and apply the mixture all over the hair. Then brush the hair completely to spread the gloss throughout your hair. Leave the gloss over the head for around ten minutes and rinse the hair with water. Make sure to the rinse your hair for about 3-4 minutes and use a rinse-out conditioner before styling the hair as per your desire. Few things are very important to follow during this treatment such as washing the hair with the moisturizing shampoo to prevent damage caused by the color. Don’t apply the color on your skin as it can be irritating for most of the people.

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