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Hairstyle With Afro Bantu Knots


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Afro Bantu knots are small coiled hair sections of hair that is worn by most f the women to get a unique look. If you are planning to create this hairstyle perfectly get help from a hair specialist, but it can be expensive. You can also do this at home with some practice and the time take to create this look may vary depending upon the length of your hair.
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To get the afro Bantu knots, first comb the hair using a normal paddle brush and apply a small amount of shea butter all over the head after spreading it in your palm. Leave it on for about 2 minutes and divide your hair in front of the head using a rat-tail comb. Secure the remaining hair which is not used for styling away from the divide part using hair elastic. Spritz the entire hair with water and wind the hair section that has been divided to create a neat twist. Wrap this twist around itself for creating the coiled knot and secure it by simply wrapping a elastic around. At last mist the hair again with a spray and use the same method on the remaining part of your hair to create the coils. You must simply twist your hair around to get the look and avoid twisting it too much as it can cause tangles. Make sure to use the elastics which are same color as your hair is to make it look good.

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