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Straightening A Black Coarse Hair


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Straightening a black coarse hair can be a difficult process as they are prone to get tangles. You can do the straitening process with the help of a flat iron and make sure to use it in a proper way to prevent serious damage to your hair. A coarse hair can be easily identified as it will become coiled around itself. Be careful while using the flat iron over the hair and using it with more heat can burn your hair.
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Begin the straightening by brush your hair using a wide-toothed brush to prevent hair breakage during the styling process. Use blow dryer to dry your hair into small parts and use a round brush along with blow dryer. You can also use heat-activated products on the hair that will help to straighten your hairstyle easily. There are lots of heat protectant products that are available in the market that can be used before using the heat styling tools over the hair. You can use a flat iron gently throughout your hair from root to end part by part and make sure that the hair parts ar about one inch thickness. Making the hair straight with smaller parts can make it look dull. You must run the flat iron very gently over the strands of your hair and making it fast can cause frizz in some places. Use more heat on the hair to make it much straighter than its original structure.

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