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Styling Hair With Weft Fringe


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A weft fringe is a perfect way to add the bangs in your hair without using the natural hair. The weave hair usually comes with tracks that can be sewed with the natural hair over the one edge and you must do this with a clean hair. Most of the women like to create a color fringe hairstyles and this one can be a perfect choice for them. This hairstyle can also help to create a different kind of look for those who have medium to long hair without using any high styling tools, but you must select the right weave tracks.
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To add the weft fringe in your hair, first brush the tracks properly which will be used for styling and look for the place where you want to place the fringe. Don’t add the glue directly over the hairline while adding the fringe as it must be done about one inch behind your hairline. Comb the hair at the back and cut the track that is suitable for the bang. Keep your weft edge about half inch behind your hairline and make sure it falls in front of your face. Take the glue from the applicator and apply it over weft edge and not on the scalp. Now comb your natural hair along with weft fringe in from of your face and decide about the length you want to keep it. Start cutting it gently with normal scissors and style the hair as per your desire.

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