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Using Short Hair To Create A Simple Bun


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To create a simple bun you must have at least medium to long hair and those who have short will think it is impossible to achieve the bun. But it is possible to create the bun with short hair that is at least 8 inches long which can be worn for any occasions. Try to grow your hair longer which can be used to create a normal short ponytail and it can be transferred into a simple bun. Don’t wash the hair if you are creating the bun look which will help in keeping them in place without any flyaways. You can also create a donut bun if you have a short hair, but it can be hard to maintain in a proper way as the hair is short.
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Start the hairstyling process with an unwashed hair by brushing it at the back of the head to create simple ponytail. Keep the simple ponytail at the back secured using a elastic. Try to twist your ponytail to coil it around itself and if the hair is easy to coil around itself in a normal circular shape to secure it using a elastic. Use bobby pins in your bun by positioning them inside the perimeter of your bun at the base of the ponytail. Now look into the mirror to check whether the bun has been properly placed over the head in a perfect way and you can make some minor adjustments if needed using your hands.

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