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Castor Oil And Relaxed Hair


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Castor oil can be used for various purposes, but you can also use it for treating the relaxed hair. It can also help to restore the moisture as well as shine that are lost in the relaxing method. The condition can be massaged into the scalp and at the hair ends to avoid splitting as well as breaking. Go to a hair specialist before using the castor oil over the relaxed hair if you are allergic to oil treatments.
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First take one tbsp castor oil in a glass container and warm it up slightly. Then separate the hair as four various sections and use the castor oil over the strands from root to end of your hair. You can take the entire hair on top of the head if it is long and cover it using a scarf to make the oil enter into the hair overnight. In the next morning wash your hair using a normal shampoo and condition it. Another option is taking two drops lavender oil along with two tsp castor oil and then massage it in the scalp using your fingers. You can also add one tbsp castor oil in a glass container and apply it over the one inch section in your hair. Use this method at least two times in a week. The final option is taking a liquid moisturizer and mixing it along with four drops castor oil for applying it all over the hair.

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