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Creating A Bun Using Hairpiece


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A hairpiece is considered to be the best option to create a simple bun and also to get fuller looking hairstyle. The hairpiece is available with different options that can be sued to work along with your natural hair to create the bun. You can add the hair hairpiece perfectly incase the hair too thin and those who have a thick hair must be able to create multiple ponytails before adding the hairpiece for creating the bun.
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To create the bun, first get a hairpiece which must match your natural hair color and then create a normal ponytail using natural hair. You can create a smaller bun by just looping the hair into half and keep it secured in place using a normal ponytail holder. You must loop the hair into half just more than once as per the length of your hair natural hair. Now add the hairpiece by keeping it just over the ponytail and tuck the natural hair below the hairpiece and secure it using hair clips. Next twist the hairpiece clockwise direction to make it similar to a rope and start wrapping hair rope from your hairpiece around the hair clips to making it center to your bun. Use bobby pins for securing the bun in place and add hair accessories that match your hairstyle. If you want to create a messy bun with the hairpiece, then don’t twist it like a rope and just wrap it around the ponytail.

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