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Senegalese Braids With Yaki Extensions


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Senegalese braids can be created using various type of hair extensions and using Yaki extensions can give a completely new look. The Yaki extensions are one of the most used hair extensions that is very popular among most of the women who want to create the Senegalese braids. This hair extension is considered to be closest match to the hair texture by African Americans.
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Firs take your Yaki hair extension to divide it into small parts and secure it in place. Then brush the small part of hair to take out tangles and separate one of the part into two sections. Try to wrap your hair extensions around natural hair and make sure that the Yaki hair is bent into half so it covers your natural hair completely. Now twist both the hair sections using the thumb as well as index fingers and bend your Yaki hair over the twist. Make sure that each twisted hair braid looks the same and your hair must coil up while your twist it down. Now cross right and left parted sections over each other till the end of your hair and secure it using a rubber band at the end. Try to coil and twist your hair part by part all over the head and secure it using hair clips. You can take out the rubber bands from the hair and dip it inside a hot water bowl to prevent the extensions from getting out.

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