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Small Afro Hairstyle


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A small Afro hairstyle is normally worn by those who have a curly hair. It can be created by brushing your hair away from scalp in a ball shape over the head. There are few styling hair gels that can be used to achieve this look even if you have short hair. But you must make sure that the length of your hair is able to give your the desired look. You must be able to brush the hair using a ball-tipped hair comb and keep your hair moisturized which will prevent breakage. There are few styling creams that can add flexibility and stylistic options to your hairstyle.
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First leave your hair to grow around full circumference in the scalp and those who have a lengthy hair must cut the hair to suit the hairstyle. Then slowly take the hair out using Afro pick away from your scalp and make sure to select your Afro equally in all the points around your scalp. You must use moisturizers or hair gels all over the hair to prevent hair from breaking and try to get the hair products that are specially made for your hair type. Avoid brushing your hair using shark-toothed hair comb as it can make the hair ends to split. Try to match your hairstyle with a proper outfit in case you are wearing this style for a special event. Get your hair trimmed whenever possible to maintain the Afro shape.

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