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Styling Your Hair With Low-Lights


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A low light hair can give a great look if your hair is naturally dark. It can help to get a multi-dimensional look to your hair which is mostly done by a hairstylist. You can also style the hair in this way at home, but try to consult a hairstylist before using the low lights on the hair.
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To add the low lights, get a low light hair kit from the store and mix it as per the directions mentioned over the packet. Take your hair over the forehead and crown of the head for twisting before securing it using hair clips. Next take half inch hair strand from the remaining part of your hair and keep an aluminum foil over it. Start coloring the strands and wrap the entire section with another aluminum foil. Now take the section that was secured for parting it as usual and place it on both the sides of the section. Take one inch hair strand from below the first section and use the same technique to add the low lights. Leave the hair as per the directions mentioned on the coloring kit and make sure that the aluminum foil is neatly covered without coming out of the hair strand. Then you can wash the hair normally with a shampoo and you can also use a number of aluminum foils to cover the hair strands at one time to make the low lighting process much easier.

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