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Treating A Brazilian Hair Weave


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Brazilian Hair weave is used to achieve a soft and wavy hairstyle. It can be applied over the hair as per your desire by going to a hairstylist and the most important part in this weave it caring it in a proper way. This weave is just like other hair weave and it only needs few simple considerations while applying it on the hair. The Brazilian hair weave usually provides lot of freedom to style the hair next to your scalp.
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The first thing to do is washing the hair once in two weeks without fail and use dry shampoo if you have a oily scalp. Massage the scalp while washing the hair and use a moisturizing hair conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo. Leave the hair to dry on its own and never rub it using a towel. You can apply hair products on the hair how much is required and make sure there is no product buildup. But after washing the hair it will come back to its original position and there is no need to use any special hair products. Always comb the hair starting from roots to end using wide-toothed hair brush and try to work it close to your scalp. Try to work slowly into small sections while removing snags on your scalp. Don’t style the hair with heat products as they can be damaging to the weave and you can style the hair as per your desire.

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