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Creating Bantu Knot With Short Hair


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A short hair can be very difficult for styling it as per your desire and creating a Bantu knot is also not so easy. But you must make sure that the length of the hair is at least two inches long to create the Bantu knot in a proper way. You must wash the hair fully before starting the styling method and use leave-in conditioner in case the hair looks dry.
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First dampen the hair with water and brush it using a wide-toothed comb to make a simple part. Make sure that each part if about one inch wide. Now take one of the parts to apply a hair gel and try to twist it like a corkscrew in spiraling motion. Mist the hair with water after it looks like a rope. Try to wrap your twisted hair around itself to create a simple knot and incase the hair is longer than two inches use hairpins to keep it in place. Use this method on the other parts of hair to create the knot and leave the hair to dry on its own without using any hair dryer. Leaving the hair to dry overnight by wrapping it with a scarf can be the best option to achieve this look perfectly. Taking out the Bantu knot is also easy which can be done by uncoiling your hair that was twisted. At last apply an oil sheen and style the hair using your fingers.

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