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Hairstyle With Messy French Twist


messy french twist messy french twist2
A messy French twist is a perfect way of styling the hair for any special event including a wedding. This hairstyle is the best choice for those who want to change the entire look of the hair. You can create this style if the length of the hair is till medium to long. After creating this hairstyle try to use hair accessories to make it look more amazing. Here is a simple process that can be sued for achieving this style without spending too much time.
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To create a messy French twist, begin the styling with an unwashed hair as a cleanly washed hair can make it difficult for styling and brush it gently at the back of the head to create a ponytail. Then twist your ponytail and curl it behind your head to create a simple looking bun. Add bobby pins on top of the head for keeping it secured a little messy bun. Use more bobby pins for securing your twist in place and try to push it downwards into the messy bun. Mist the hair with a spray to add more hold into your hair and leave the hair ends to be loose. Don’t use any comb to brush the hair and make it fly on its own. Select hair accessories that match your hair color and decorate the hair as you wish. You can match this hairstyle with a perfect outfit to make it look more beautiful.

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