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Methods To Moisturize Your Remy Hair


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Remy hair is usually used to make the natural hair look longer and it also needs extra conditioning.  The Remy hair can be moisturized using different hair products at least once in four days to keep it look good. Moisturizing the Remy hair can be helpful in different ways such as you can maintain the hair as new as possible and styling the hair is also made easier.
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First comb the Remy hair to get out the tangles and rinse it using a normal water. Then use the moisturizing hair products over the weave and leave it on as per the directions over the package. Now use a moisturizing shampoo on your conditioned hair and rinse it once again. Next apply moisturizing conditioner over the hair again and leave it just like the previous time. Use a towel to dry the hair and avoid putting too much pressure on it. Brush your hair to remove the tangles and leave the hair to dry on its own. In case you are using the blow dryer the hair may become dry completely wasting your entire moisturizing process. You must try to moisturize your hair in between washing and make sure to use a moisturizing mist all over the hair. Keep the sprayer about six inches from your weave and spritz it evenly. Massage the hair product into the hair using your fingers and then style your weave with the help of a normal comb.

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